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Manage Instagram-Make Your Instasgram Auto Pilot by Zefri KS – Review

[Exclusive] Make Your Instagram Auto Pilot from gunapost is the best platform to manage your instagram account on the web. We dont confuse anymore to finding the best way to schedule your instagram post on Laptop. No Complicated caused by limitation of smartphone when post the pictures or video to instagram. Low cost to manage more than 10 instagram account at social management platform such as Hootsuit, Buffer and IconoSquare. Start from post schedule, auto likes, auto follow, auto comment even auto repost. Its low price, easy to use (Friendly user interface) and for sure it won’t make you have trouble managing more than hundreds instagram account via PC or laptop.

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Take a look Gunapost features

Post Schedule
You can Schedule posts on Instagram for more than 365 days without any restrictions.
Maximize followes when you use various social media management platform.

Calendar Schedule
You can see the entire list of scheduled posts on interactive calendar.

Cloud Picker
You can take pictures directly from google drive, OneDrive and dropBox

Multiple accounts
You can add many instagram account without any restrictions.Right, this is unlimited

Multiple Media
You can schedule posts and send pictures, galleries, video and stories to instagram.

Template Captions
You can save various captions that will be used at each scheduling

Scheduling Statistic
You can see reports of all scheduled posts, including those that have been published

Multiple Users
you can invite friends who want to use Gunapost, even you can setcoast for other users

Gunapost extra features

Auto Likes
Like every fhoto on instagram based on hashtags, location and username

Auto Follow
Follow users on instagram base on hashtags, location and username

Auto Comments
Comment on photos based on hashtags, locations and username

Spintax Support
Make the best captions when you want to welcome users with words


Gunapost really saves my time to post on instagram on Laptop. By using Gunapost I can schedule more than 20 pots per day
for 7 instagram accounts
Every time I finished designing from Photoshop, I can uploadit quickly because there are Google Drive picker and Drag&Drop
files Upload features that have provided by Gunapost.
Gunapost is completely the best tools for instagram publishing.
Felicia Kho
Content Publisher

I’m very sorry to use Gunapost in 2018!Why Gunapost doesnt exist when instagram start to be famoussince 2014!?
I have used tools similar to Gunapost But after seeing the price considerations, the appearance of the software, and the
features in it, I left the old tools and then moved to Gunapost.
I recommend gunapost for all of you!
Ayu Fitri Febriana
Digital Marketing Havianas International

Just one word for Gunapost!AMAZING!
The features are complete and perfect, the plplatform is easy to use and the price is very affordable!
Gunapoost increase the visiblity of your instaram assount.
Founder of Concept Think

First impression i was update because I had trouble logging into instagram. But, the customer service is friendly and
patient to help solve my problems from teamViewer.
I personally use Gunapost for almost 4 months, and so far the results are very good and satisfying.
9.5/10 my rating for gunapost.
Rytma Ayu Guitary
Makeup enthusiast

The appearance of Gunapostfor Clients in the company, and the results have been satisfying so far.
I am 100% recommended Gunapost as an instagram marketing tool.
Zulhamdi Koto
CEO&Founder of Sahaware Technology

I was confused about Gunapost from a technical perspective. Before I tried Gunapost. I asked many questions from A to Z regarding the technicalities applied to Gunapost to ensure this platform is safe for my Instagram account.
One thing impressive, they always answer my questions. All questions from A to Z are really answered until i’m sure to make a purchase.
I’m a technical person, and I believe in Gunapost.
Andri Yadi
CEO & Founder of DyCode International

Gunapost is a flexible platform. I ca use gunapost even while I’m travelling and difficult to access a laptop.
Previously I have used a similar, but the old platform only to repost and search imeges, and the results are less than optimal.
Gunapost hase more features than the Platform that I use befora, I automatically moved to Gunapost.
Gunapost is not a platform to waste your money. Gunapost is an investment platform for your instagram account
Rendi Bharata
China Importer Guru.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is gunapost suitable for me?
Gunapost very suitable for various grups, be in bussiness owners, Bloggers, Social media agencies, even large companies that use instagram for social activities and marketing.

Is There a trial period before using Gunapost?
Currently we do not provide free periods. But, we can invite you to see how Gunapost works for your instagram account.
You can request a demo by sending an email to halo@gunagawe.com

Can Gunapost be used on a smartphone?
Of cource you can. Gunapost is a web-based application, the appearance of Gunapost is responsive to various device screens.
If you want to access Gunapost on smartphone, you can access from a wen browser applicationssuch as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Can Gunapost increase my Instagram followers?
Very possible. gunapost has a variety of fatures that can help you increase your followers on Instagram.

How many Instagram accounts can I use in Gunapost?
Unlimited. But, our advice is not to add Instagram accounts more than 30 accounts.

Do I need hosting or VPS?
Yes you need at least one shared hosting or VPS, we recommended you to have VPS or Vutr or Digital Ocean to ensure you have no error when schedule video posting.

What is the difference between Gunapost and other instagram platforms?
No difference, In terms of features all Platforms are the same. Even if there differece is in the appearance, price and security of the server. that is the most significant.
Aditional information. gunapost stores your Instagram account data on a dedicated server that have guaranteed security quality.

Is There a money back guarantee?
We provide 30 day money back guarantee, but not 100%.
If you feel that you are not compatible with gunapoost, we will refund 85% of the money you paid when purchasing.
When you buy Gunapost, we also have to buy resources to run Gunapost and the price for it is 15% of the total you paid when purchasing.

Can Gunapost be used on multiple devices?
Of course you can. Gunapost is not softare that you have to install on laptop or smartphone.
Gunapost is flexible platform that can be accessed at any time as long as you are connected to the internet.
You are not bound by a licence.

Will my Instagram account be safe from being banned?
You Instagram account will be safe as long as you it according to the instructions suggested by us.
If you dont follow our advice, the risk of being banned is very large.
We are not responsible for banned accounts for any reason.